Micro Welding Services
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our welding experts at MPD Welding Grand Rapids Inc can provide fast and accurate welds (with no warping) that can be effectively color matched.

Many look toward laser welding when MIG welding doesn't work or if micro welding is too slow for their needs. 


Laser welding is a precise and flexible joining process in which metals or thermoplastics are connected together to form a weld using a laser beam. This level of precision is based on the ease of adjusting the beam size and the range of methods available for precise positioning and movement of the beam. 


If you need to create a strong seam at a high speed, microlaser welding is a great solution.

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Accurate Welding in MI

We have 5 laser welding machines on site that can perform precise and direct repairs on almost any size mold or die regardless of the material thickness.


From stainless steel to plastic, our laser welders have the knowledge and experience to properly laser weld your mold or die. Laser plastic repair can correct flash problems, sharpen corners, repair parts, and more. 


We offer extremely fast turnarounds. If you need a part welded fast, just send us the part via UPS for morning delivery. We’ll weld your part to your specifications and send it back out within 24 hours.

Our Laser Welding System Provides:


  • Welds free of distortion and warping

  • Minimal HAZ and virtually zero sinks around the weld

  • Better grain structure for more effective color matching

  • Precise, intricate welds as small as 0.005"

  • Ability to weld almost any metal in any location


The Laser Welding Process Is Ideal For:


  • Correcting flash problems on plastic parts

  • Sharpening corners for more precise cutting

  • Fix and fill-in engraving

  • Repairing a polished or textured area

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