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Steel Annealing Services

There are a variety of industrial processes that require or are enhanced by using annealed steel or metals. Annealing can restore durability and even strengthen metal that has been superheated through high-intensity machining processes.


Whether it's a hot chamber die casting manufacturing process or a specific die cast part, full annealing/heat treating is a great cost-effective way to get the most out of your parts and materials.

Annealing VS Normalizing

Normalizing is quite different from annealing. The purpose of annealing is to increase ductility and machinability by improving the toughness of the material and improving the softness. 


Seemingly opposite of that is normalizing, which focuses on increasing the hardness of a metal. Normalizing is accomplished by heating a material above the austenitic range and then allowing it to cool. This results in rapid cooling and presents lowered ductility.

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Vacuum Annealing

Vacuum annealing is a heat treatment process used to soften die and mold steels while also softening the metal.  A piece of metal is composed of crystal structures known as grains. The first stage of annealing metals (recovery) heats the metal to a point where these internal stresses can dissipate. 


The metal is raised to a temperature that’s approximately 100° above the austenitizing temperature. This is roughly 1,450° F, or higher depending on the steel. The metal is then held constant for a period of time to cool slowly in still air in the furnace. Once it reaches 900° F, it is then cooled to room temperature outside of the furnace.


The completion of the high-temperature annealing process results in metal with increased ductility and reduced hardness. 

Edge Annealing

Edge annealing is a process used to eliminate burned zones on plates and other casting dies. Due to the annealing process, the method of raising and lowering the temperature will soften the steel in the affected burned zones.


Die casting machine part issues can ruin the die casting process and cost both time and money. Our annealing processes here at MPD Welding Grand Rapids Inc will keep your steel stronger than ever.

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