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Micro Welding



For Small, Intricate Welds

MPD Welding Grand Rapids Inc has pulse-arc welding otherwise known as Micro welding solutions for your business. Micro is an arc welding process that creates a 9032-degree plasma arc between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the welded joint. This is achieved by utilizing a constant current to produce high-quality welds with minimal heat-affected areas.


MIG and TIG welding, like most welding torch projects, create an abundance of heat generated by electrical currents to melt the base materials or bonding materials to form a solid joint once cooled. Micro welding is a much more precise and less aggressive process than traditional TIG weldings.


This metal arc welding (GMAW) process is the ideal service if you are looking for intricate, small welds that can't be performed using MIG welding or traditional TIG welding processes. If you need to reduce the risk of warping in the heat-affected zone for your weld, micro welding is the best solution. It can be used for sheet metal, filler metal, stainless steel, and more.

How To Weld Without Warping

The system uses gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW welds). We use a micro welding microscope for up-close vision and precision. Wire diameters as small as .005 inches and welding currents starting at 2/10’s of an amp allow the operator to lay beads of welding on sharp, thin edges without leaving undercuts next to the weld bead.


The low amperage inputs and small diameter wires also decrease warping and the heat-affected zone (HAZ) on thin inserts and cores.


All micro welding jobs are pre-heated to ensure the best quality welding. Failure to pre-heat can cause a variety of problems including increased residual stress, excess distortion, and hydrogen embrittlement.

Our Micro Welding Services Include:

  • Gas tungsten arc welding

  • Low amperage inputs

  • Small diameter wires

  • Decreased warping



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