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MPD’s Big Nitrogen Atmosphere Furnace | Big Nitro


Our Unique, In-House Nitrogen Atmosphere Furnace

MPD Welding Grand Rapids Inc uses "Big Nitro," our unique nitrogen atmosphere furnace that was built in-house. It has the capability of stress relieving and color matching molds and dies with 0 % oxidation. Our customers find this service to be a significant money-saver particularly on last-minute engineering changes that require a color match. We are one of the new welders in the industry who have a nitrogen atmosphere furnace.

MPD Welding’s Small Nitrogen Atmosphere Furnace | Small Nitro
MPD Welding’s Small Nitrogen Atmosphere Furnace | Small Nitro

Heat Treatment Processes 

Many heat treatment processes require a highly controlled atmosphere in order for the process to be successful. These processes are usually used to produce critical parts for the aerospace, automotive, and petrochemical industries.  Whether it's stainless steel treatments for improving mechanical properties, hardening processes, or liquid nitrogen welding.  We can get the metal part components to the standards of the company's needs. 

Our Nitrogen Furnace

The interior dimensions of “Big Nitro” are 8' wide, 6' high, and 12' deep. Our nitrogen atmosphere furnace can handle a wide variety of different-sized molds and dies.


Several additions and modifications have been made to "Big Nitro" since its initial start-up. This heat treat furnace has received an additional 50 ft of finned cooling tubes. It has also gotten a larger capacity liquid nitrogen holding tank and a new paint job. Preventative safety features have also been installed to prevent any damage to the workload in case of a malfunction.


Initial expectations for temperature uniformity have been met and sustained, keeping it +/- 10 degrees inside the chamber. Uniformity tests have been done by Honeywell to confirm this.


Most of the jobs done in our nitrogen furnace are for bright tempering or color-matching mold steels. However, we have had several bright annealing loads that have come out excellent. Compared to tempering loads, the brightness of the annealing loads has turned out much better.

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